About D4D

Inspire. Innovate. Impact.

Harvard College Developers for Development (D4D) was founded in spring of 2012 by Erica Davis, Henry Kohn, and William Glenn in order to bring together two previously disparate communities–those interested in international development and those interested in technology–to help use “new” technologies to solve “old” problems in the developing world. D4D has worked to increase awareness for and involvement in social impact technology across the Harvard campus through projects, events, and more!

What is social impact technology?

A common term for social impact technology is Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D), which includes applications that improve lives in the fields of socioeconomic development, international development, and human rights. This can span across many different fields, including healthcare, government, finance, education, agriculture, and more.

Current 2015-2016 leadership

President: Terrence Jones

Vice Presidents: Paul Link and Kathleen Smith

Education Co-Directors: Mary Daly and George Darnes

International Development Hackathon Co-Directors: Leticia Chandler and Donna Reid

Tech in the World Director: Cassandra Reinhardt

Term-Time Projects Director: Patricia Devitt

Director of External Initiatives: Helen Michael

Sponsorship Director: Connie Silvia

Communications Director: Dana J. Gale

Director of Operations/Finances: James Selsey

Community Director: Tamara Morris

Webmaster: Katherine Converse