2018-2019 Leadership

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Suproteem Sarkar ’19


Suproteem is a junior studying Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Mind/Brain/Behavior. He’s passionate about how technology can be used for social impact—as well as how technical developments affect our perspectives on knowledge, ethics, and kinship. In his free time, you can find him tossing frisbees around the Yard or improvising on the closest available piano. 

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Amil Merchant ’19

Vice President

Amil is a junior studying Applied Math. He’s excited about a wide range of technologies and their impact on society – particularly the impacts of machine learning. Between problem sets, he’s probably either binging tv shows on Netflix or tossing frisbees with friends.


Konrad Urban ’20

Director of Social Innovation Projects

Konrad is a sophomore studying Computer Science in the Mind, Brain, and Behavior program.  He’s fascinated and concerned by technology, and wants to learn all he can about AI, big data, and security to see how tech used for positive social change.  When he’s not working on CS problem sets, Konrad could be playing violin or meditating.


Bryan Oyaro ’20


Director of Programming

Bryan is a sophomore living in Cabot and studying Statistics with a secondary in Computer Science. He’s interested in learning how to apply technology and science in serving especially marginalized communities. He also loves Psychology and would like to combine that with technical skills in coming up with products and services that are fit for the society. He is an ardent soccer fan and plays intramural and futsal soccer. In his free time, he listens to music and reads books, mainly history and biographies.

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Catherine Zeng ’21

Director of Internal Operations

Catherine Zeng is a freshman studying Computer Science and Mathematics. She loves learning about technology and how it could best be used in a socially conscious way. Outside of classes, Catherine enjoys figure skating, dancing, and exploring Boston with friends.

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Alex Chin ’21

Director of External Relations

Alex is a freshman studying Computer Science and Physics. He enjoys applying his technical skills, whether that be building robots or conducting data analysis, in a way that makes a difference on social issues and in the greater world. Outside of D4D, he enjoys swimming, philosophical debates, and listening to film scores.