Most of us are keenly aware that our personalities can be influenced by many things and situations. Psychologists can take measurements of someone’s personality and they can look for the same characteristics in other people. They can even produce twin matches, which are very accurate. Most of us are looking for someone that has the same ethics, values, and life style. This is basic human nature. At the other end of the scale, some of us want someone so completely different from our selves that we can never establish a specific similarity. twin matches are very attractive to the average person because they suggest that you can live on completely separate merits. Building twin matches is very easy. You can simply look for the most compatible person in a group of people. Perhaps you like to stay at home and relax, or you like to be active and move about the world, or you like to shop all the time. Whatever the factors that make you different, they can be the most compatible match for someone else in the group. If you and an individual go out on a date, you can use the philosophy of twin matches in dating. Although you and your partner have different and unique preferences, there is always a chance that you will be attracted to a beautiful woman or a handsome man. An average woman who doesn’t match your personality might be more attractive to you for the simple fact that she is less enthusiastic about things like sports and romance. On the other hand, a match of blond hair and blue eyes might not be a good match, especially when he has a preference for brunettes or redheads. Although the rules for twin matches in dating are by no means surefire, they are based on psychological principles that are well worth adopting. The best advice for matching yourself with someone is to be as open and honest as you can be. It will not work to find the perfect match for you if you are not 100% honest at all times. An average looking woman might be attracted to an attractive, intelligent, and outgoing person who goes to the wrong places and misrepresented himself. This leads to the conclusion that the woman tried to make things work despite the flaws in her characteristics. On the other hand, if a woman’s true personality lies somewhere in an unusual place, and if a person pretends to be someone he is not, he is deceiving both himself and the woman.