A well known personality test is the sixteen personality inventory supplied by the psychologist William James in the British Journal for the study of William James’ Lives and Notebooks. There are four of these that are generally referred to as the Big-five. They are: 1. Feelings and attitudes. 2. Physical strength and endurance. 3. Arguments and debate. 4. Self-intersort. Let me fill you in more detail of each of these. Feelings and attitudes: 1. Feelings refer to the way that people coping with everyday life experience and their underlying psychological situation. Love, relaxation, courage, emotions of self-acceptance, joy, acceptance, kindness, concentration, affection, enthusiasm, and concern are all feelings. 2. attitudes refer to people’s perspective regarding how they think things should be (“I really want a larger or better house than my current unit.” “I’m very happy and content in my relationship with my only daughter.” “I spend hours conversing with my spiritual teacher.” “As a result of giving up a life long habit of drinking, I now have absolute forgetfulness and another sober than I ever knew.” This is a wonderful example of how a personality test is used to confirm the clinical diagnosis. You fill out the forms to determine your personality and then find out what you expect to gain from the test in terms of positive and negative aspects. You can expect a number of different things once you have your results. It all depends on the number of questions you answer for each item. Practical Advice The more details you are aware of while taking the test the better prepared you will be to answer questions. When you mentioned the speed of the human brain, this refers to each person putting together the end of the brain into functioning, useful patterns. It refers to each person’s brain functioning. The orderly sequences of the brain must function properly and in a organized manner to answer the questions on the stripes of paper. Speed is also mentioned and referred to when families must reach a decision. It all depends on how patient all of them are and how much time is involved. In family cases, it often involves a lot of drama, and arguments between siblings. It can take a while to sort through all of it. So, be ready to cope with a lot of ups and downs. Chapters 8 and 9 in the book are called “The Storm Breaks” and forth in the book is a description of a beast that a person must become; it’s name is exaggeration. For family members, it almost sparks a reaction. By using the personality test in this book you can discover the kind or personality you each wish to have. To get the results, you fill out the forms accordingly. Each person answers each question in turn. The person with the fewest wrong answers wins. I’m sure that you will find some famous people who use the personality test to their advantage. I simply want to encourage that you use it in the right way. There are many powerful ways that this helped improved my own life. I am a better person for every answer I am able to reach. One real life changing way is the use of this skill. What is Your Question? What type of person do you want to be? Why do you want to change? Is there someone who needs help with this?